Nature activities

Discover the wide range of outdoor activities available in Vendée, a region that’s perfect for the great outdoors, just a short drive from our guest house!

Hiking and cycling in Vendée

When it comes to nature, the Vendée bocage offers a landscape that’s ideal for both walking and cycling.

The lush green landscape, winding roads and paths create a magnificent, soothing setting for nature lovers.

The Sèvre valley, just like the banks of the Loire, abounds in these varied and picturesque paths covering almost 1,850 kilometres.

These routes offer a multitude of possibilities for walkers of all levels.

You can even start with a short stroll around Les Montys pond to get your feet wet!

Canoeing at Poupet

When it comes to nature activities in Vendée, don’t forget the Sèvre Valley, which can also be enjoyed on the water! The valley is renowned for its canoeing and fishing.

These activities allow you to discover the natural beauty of the valley while enjoying moments of relaxation and pleasure on the water.

So whether you’re looking for a canoe trip or a day of fishing, let yourself be tempted by an unforgettable experience in the Sèvre Valley!

Maulévrier Oriental Park

Let yourself be drawn into the magnificent Maulévrier Oriental Park! This unique place, where natural beauty and landscape art meet in harmony, will offer you an exceptional experience.

This 29-hectare park is recognised as the largest Japanese garden in Europe. So as you stroll through its paths, let your senses be awakened by the many species of plants, the meticulously tended bonsais and the ceramics…

And don’t forget to come along on special days: special events featuring a range of activities and works of Land Art.

NB: Land Art is a form of contemporary art that uses natural elements to create fascinating, ephemeral installations.

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