Dinner in a jar

The range of jars, so you can always dine at Le Petit Monty, is available to our guests of lodgings and guest rooms in Vendée.

You’d like to dine at Le Petit Monty but haven’t been able to book the guest table in time?
Don’t panic, I’ve got it covered!

You’ll find a selection of tasty jars, all sourced from local producers in Vendée and Maine-et-Loire!

All you need is a few minutes in the microwave for a tasty dinner!

To make the most of it, an outdoor kitchen is at your disposal: you can store your provisions in the fridge and enjoy your meals in a charming crockery set.


On the menu with our locally sourced jars:

Les bocaux du bocage

For the kids, we’ve got coquillettes a la bolognaise, sure to be a hit every time!
For vegetarians, a vegetable risotto will delight your taste buds.

Illico boco

If you’d like to eat something doubly local, you can try a typical Vendée potée!
And for dessert, you can choose between a delicious caramel rice and chocolate cream…

Vallée de la Sèvre

This producer from our village of Saint Malô du Bois offers you a traditional beef carrot in a jar for 2-3 people.

Terre de Gallie

For a starter or an aperitif, this producer from Saint Malô du Bois will delight you with his Basque partridge terrine or plain pheasant rillettes!

Why choose to dine with jars at Le Petit Monty?

  • Availability: Jars are available at any time, so you can dine at Le Petit Monty without needing to book in advance. All you have to do is choose and pay for your jars directly at reception.
  • Originality: A meal in a jar is something your children don’t see every day. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy a fun family meal!
  • Simple: Jars are easy to prepare. A few minutes in the microwave and your dinner is ready.
  • Local origin: Our jars come exclusively from local producers in Vendée and Maine-et-Loire regions, guaranteeing freshness and quality.