Le Petit Monty SAFE CLEAN + charter

Let’s focus on what really matters

The world has changed. The Covid-19 health crisis has redefined priorities…

Le Petit Monty SAFE CLEAN+ charter defines reinforced rules in terms of hygiene, cleanliness and safety.

As part of Le Petit Monty SAFE CLEAN+ charter, Le Petit Monty undertakes to:

  1. Applying the directives and recommendations of the public authorities in the fight against Covid-19.
  2. Making disinfectant products available in common areas.
  3. Reinforce cleaning and disinfection and adapt them to the requirements and recommendations of the health authorities. Ventilate for 20 minutes before any cleaning procedure and open windows throughout the cleaning operation.
    Methodically wash our hands before and after each cleaning operation, first washing with soap and water for 20 seconds and then applying a dose of hydro-alcoholic gel disinfectant,
    Clean all surfaces in the room using the “disinfectant “* and “multi-purpose cleaner “** to remove dirt, grease, dust and germs. Use new cloths every time you clean the room after a guest has left. These cloths are washed at 90° after each cleaning.
    Pay particular attention to frequently touched surfaces such as light switches, door handles, remote controls and taps, including the reception counter, the bathroom area and the toilet.
  4. Handle all linen with disposable gloves during each operation.
    Linen bags are removed and processed by ACTUEL PRESSING.
    “In view of the current health crisis, we would like to inform you that ACTUEL PRESSING has put in place all the necessary measures to ensure optimum continuity of our service.”
  5. Block the rooms for half a day (5 hours) after each customer, ventilating them as much as possible.
  6. Encourage payment by bank card, contactless if possible. Systematically disinfect payment terminals.
  7. Enforce compliance with barrier procedures.
  8. Ensure clear communication on all Covid-19 prevention measures in place.
  9. Ensure the implementation of and compliance with management protocols in the event of a suspected outbreak of Covid-19.

*Disinfectant Fougère is anti-bacterial, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and yeast – Efficacy proven by : EN13697 standard, bactericidal in 15 minutes, in clean conditions, diluted at 10%. Standard EN13697, yeasticidal in 15 minutes, under clean conditions, diluted at 10% Standard EN13697, fungicidal in 15 minutes, under clean conditions, pure product only on Aspergillus Niger. Benzalkonium Chloride (CAS 68424-85-1): 2.475 % m/m, TP2 and TP 4, fragrance, citral. – BODYNATURE

*Désinfectant Fougère, est anti-bactérien, il élimine 99.99% des bactéries et des levures – Efficacité prouvée par : Norme EN13697, bactéricide en 15 min, en conditions de propreté, dilué à 10%. Norme EN13697, levuricide en 15 min, en conditions de propreté, dilué à 10% Norme EN13697, fongicide en 15 min, en conditions de propreté, produit pur uniquement sur Aspergillus Niger. Benzalkonium Chloride (CAS 68424-85-1) : 2.475 % m/m, TP2 et TP 4, parfum, citral. – BODYNATURE

** Multi-purpose cleaner with natural and organic Verbena essential oil, Multi-purpose descaling and cleaning cleaner – Ecodetergent certified by Ecocert. Aqua, Alcohol, Deceth-8, Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Parfum, Citric Acid, Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil. – BODYNATURE

Published on 24/04/2020
Updated on 11/06/2021